High Definition Plasma Televisions & Displays

Modern TV is a direct authorized dealer for LG, Samsung, and other professional and consumer lines of Plasma HDTVs.

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Picture quality varies greatly between different brands, so be sure to do your research before you buy. Plasma’s have typically received a bad rap for having what is referred to as “burn-in”. That said, most plasma’s produce the truest blacks, with excellent color and the best viewing angles.

Sizes 42 inch to 60 inch


Burn-in: This occurs when a static image--such as a network logo or letterbox bars-- gets “burned” temporarily onto the screen because it sits in one place too long. In our experience, this issue has been greatly exaggerated. First, because “burn-in” has been around since the invention of the Television and has never been an issue before. Second, because almost all plasma’s have burn-in-reduction features such as screensavers and pixel orbiting, or functions to treat burn-in once it occurs, such as white washing or orbiters. The risk is greatest during the first 100 or so hours of use, during which time you should keep contrast lower and avoid any static images on your screen.

Plasma lifespan: Most plasma makers today rate their latest models as having a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours before the display fades to half brightness. On average, that works out to more than 17 years before the set reaches half-brightness. Keep in mind this rating is only for the panel and not the internal electronics. Most Flat-Panel’s regardless of type typically last 5-10 years.


• Best black levels
• Very good home theater image quality in best examples
• Wide viewing angle


• Slight potential for temporary burn-in
• Reflective screen
• Lower native resolution than similarly sized LCDs and LEDs for entry-level models


More 50-inch and larger full-HD models to come cementing plasma's place as a favorite among video-philes and enthusiasts.