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Samsung® PN50A550 Plasma HDTV
LED TVs are a subset of LCD panels. Rather than use conventional cold cathode florescent lamps (CCFL) to illuminate the LCD pixels, they employ tiny light-emitting diodes. There're two predominant types used by the vendors based on conventional rear (back) and the latest edge lighting.

Sizes 40 inch and up


Backlit LED TVs also support the local dimming function which independently illuminates different clusters of pixels. This produces plasma-like blacks in scenes with concurrent dark and bright details as opposed to global dimming used in edge lit models. That said the latter employs fewer diodes, which allow for slimmer TVs and higher power savings.

Energy efficiency: An LED TV consumes the least power among all HDTVs with a substantial energy savings of up to 40 percent compared with a conventional lamp-based LCD model. The other major benefits of using light-emitting diodes include an extended panel lifespan, low heat emission and better eco-friendliness. The latter is due to the mercury-free design of these energy-efficient bulbs.

Ultra-slim design: Another advantage of edge lighting is that it frees up space behind the screen, which significantly reduces bezel depth, giving rise to a family of ultra-slim panels measuring as thin as 29.1mm in width. Although this is an advantage for a slim installation design, keep in mind this also makes for a more delicate panel.


• Plasma-like blacks
• High energy efficiency
• Ultra-slim design


• The priciest among all HDTVs
• Limited screen sizes from 40-inch and above
• Relatively narrower viewing angle


LED TVs will gradually replace their LCD counterparts, though the former is probably going to cost a premium in the following years.

3D Plasma HDTV
When the first wave of 3D TVs hit the market in early 2010, it was another major milestone in television technology. If you’re considering a new TV, click the link below to learn how 3D TV technology works, see what you need to start watching and get answers to commonly asked questions.

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