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Samsung LN40A650Flat LCDs are extremely popular in screen sizes below 47 inches, due to the wide availability and vast selection. Larger LCDs, above 60 inches, continue to be more expensive than plasma, but in the widely popular 42 inch size, LCD prices have dropped dramatically.

Sizes 15 inch to 65 inch


Although LCD picture quality has typically been associated with poor black levels, many of the latest versions have improved greatly. Typically LCDs cannot achieve true black levels since there's always some light leaking through the pixels, which in turn affects color saturation.

Viewing angle: Continues to be an LCD weakness compared to plasma. Some brightness and color shift can be seen when watching from an angle far from the “sweet spot”. Some higher-end models based on IPS technology and derivatives such as Super-IPS and Alpha-IPS are known to perform dramatically better in this department. Although, it remains true that for the best viewing angle Plasma is the best choice.

Motion reproduction: Most new LCDs have adequate response time to deal with fast motion, although there is always room for improvement. To further boost image fluidity, many manufactures have introduced 120Hz and 240Hz engines. Some of them are implemented using frame interpolation and/or backlight-scanning processing.


• Higher resolution than similar-sized plasmas
• No burn-in
• Wide range of sizes available


• Pricey for 60-inch and larger panels
• Black level quality generally not as good as plasma due to backlighting
• Narrower viewing angle


Flat-panel LCD will continue to be the most popular technology.