Modern TV Custom Home Theater Testimonials

Listed below you will find testimonials from just a few of our many satisfied customers. If you are an existing customer and would like to submit a testimonial or review, please contact us at 408.293.1330. Thanks again to all of our loyal customers who have continue to support us throughout the years.

 Personal Service at it's Best! I went into Modern TV thinking I knew what I wanted. I had researched plenty of sites on the web and felt I had enough knowledge to buy an HDTV that fit my needs. Well, I was dead wrong. Unless you have been in the business you really have to research this stuff, A LOT. My sales consultant, Caterina, was extremely knowledgeable and brought up points that I hadn't even considered. What size was the room I was watching the TV in? Is the TV going to be used for gaming? I told her that my family plays the occasional video game but it was more for movies and watching TV. She told me that Plasma TV's can experience burn-in where images actually get burned into the screen but if we weren't running an arcade out of the living room that 'Pioneer' has made great strides on eliminating the risk of burn-in. So I took a look at the Pioneer. Holy Cow! what a TV. I compared it to some of the other models on the floor including the Samsung and LG models and it wasn't even close, I had to have it! Although I walked in thinking I knew what I wanted, Caterina spent the time to discover what I needed. I never thought buying a TV could be so easy. You have a customer for life!
- Rod M., San Jose, CA

 I have had Two Great Experiences buying both converter boxes and two LG TVs from Modern TV. The staff was more than helpful and always a pleasure to deal with. I chose Modern TV vs. the larger “Box” stores for two reasons: I enjoy having personal one-on-one in-store service and I can’t stand the Big Box over-the-phone support. Those 800 #’s are a joke with their “push this number to speak in this language and this number to reach support” I thought that is why I called?! As far as I am concerned dealing with a small store that’s been around for 36 years beats the other that may or may not be here tomorrow (e.g. Circuit City). My hat’s off to Caterina, Franco, the awesome service tech that installed my mom's TV. Thanks for a great experience and a wealth of knowledge!
- Mark C., SF Bay Area

 There is a Reason they are a family owned business that has been around for 50 years. Customer service was excellent! I had come from another home theater store, and decided to just "look" at Modern TV. The information they gave me was outstanding, they answered all my "stupid questions" and took the time to actually explain stuff to me. The experience that I had with Modern TV was like having a good neighbor I could call over to help me.
- Ken R., SF Bay Area

 It's a Family Company.... not a big box store, a family store that actually knows what they are talking about, one that has two billion dollar buying power, or something like that, they mounted a flat screen for me the other day, and as a single female it can be intimidating trying to find good hired help. when i went into the store and i can actually say i had fun, Greg helped me and showed me different options we laughed and had fun ( and i wanted to keep Him) when the job was finished it worked exactly as promised, they took the time to teach me how to use it. i give them an A++++++++++ and i will be a life long customer....
- Amy Q., San Jose, CA

 My Grandparents Used Them when i was young I remember going there with my parents and now that i am an adult i am using them. The only thing that has changed about Modern TV is the technology and there knowledge of what is available.
- Roy S. Saratoga, CA

 Unexpected Experience...My experience at Modern TV was unexpected. A friend told me to check them out, so I did. I found that the Pioneer 42" I was looking for was less expensive than anywhere else I looked. I was also able to get it installed on my wall the next day with a new directv box. The guy even spent extra time showing me how to use the new box. I really felt special, I would recommend them to anyone.
- Cari, SF Bay Area

 Caterina...Thank You and Kevin for the courtesies regarding the new 32” TV. It is very nice. Kevin brought over and installed my old TV also, back in 2000. Such a character and very helpful!
- Rudy H., Campbell, CA

 We just want to say thanks for the  Exceptional Service  Greg and Brian performed at our home this week. They did a great job repairing our home theater system and we are truly happy with their service. Greg and Brian were professional and extremely knowledgeable. On top of that, they were very courteous and awfully nice. You will be our go-to business for our future in-home electronics needs, and we will definitely refer you to anyone we encounter who needs your services.
- Mike and Tonya Gazzera