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In the entertainment field the word home theater gets tossed around so frequently that many people arenít even sure what they are really looking for anymore, nor are they sure how to refer to it when they are sure. Letís clarify some commonly used terms to help in your decision making process.


Home Theater

A home theater can be found in the majority of households in America. It does not have to be super expensive or elaborate. Typically it will consist of a TV, DVD player or VCR and sound system usually with 5 speakers and a subwoofer. The sound systems can be found in many sizes and price ranges, and should be chosen based on size or room and what type of content will be used with it. For example, do you watch a lot of TV/movies or do you play a lot of video games? These questions will factor in which system best suits your lifestyle.


Whole House Audio/Video Integration

The size of many homes has grown and the availability of portable media, such as IPODís, MP3 players, and on demand content has grown as well. This has made the desire for access to this content increase dramatically of the last several years. With the use of a main control system to distribute audio and sometimes video throughout the home to many locations such as kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, bedrooms, and more we are able to gain that access. Customerís sources such as IPOD, CD, DVD, Satellite, AM/FM Stereo and more connect into the controller to allow access from several points in the home. We now have the access we want to all our portable devices, with just a touch of a button.


Dedicated Home Theater Room

Your own private movie theater, comfortable enough to enjoy in you PJís. Your own bag of popcorn, soda of choice and your favorite candy. Just one push of a button and the lights dim, the curtain opens, the TV turns on, and the movie starts. This is what a dedicated theater is all about. This room is typically not shared with any other part of the house it is an unused room or maybe a basement. Most commonly with a projector or large flat screen TV, plush seating, floor and wall covings designed with your favorite theme in mind, a full surround sound system 5.1 or higher connected to a DVD player and home theater receiver. This room has everything. Now keep in mind this dream room can be had by more people than 10 years ago. It will carry a higher price tag than the typical home theater; however, if budgeted correctly it is possible.

There is a low end and high end to the spectrum in all three of these categories. Once you have figured which type of system you want, we suggest you find a budget you are comfortable with and find out whether it is feasible to get everything you want within that budget. Most people donít buy a new TV or sound system every year and typically have no idea how much things cost until they go to buy them. Sometimes people can be caught off guard by the costs, sometimes itís more and sometimes less than they anticipated. Itís always good to work with someone you trust and have a good relationship with.


Custom Game Room

Custom Game Room's are becoming increasingly popular these days. The game room takes many forms, you will often find them customized with a pool table, game consoles, wet bar, poker table, or other entertainment pieces. The one thing in common with these rooms is that they all have a TV and sound system incorporated in them. This room is perfect for gathering with friends watching sporting events, Oscar parties and more. We can help you optimize the sound system for the room with a flat panel to give you the most space and flexibility for the room. No matter what type of room you are working with know that we are here to help you find the right solution.




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